How much money would it take for you to part with your entire collection?

I’ve been updating my collection on discogs and seeing the low, mid and high range values and was just thinking about what number someone would have to offer me to take them all. Have you ever thought about it?

I don’t think I could, not now at least, but it’s overwhelming sometimes to have this much stuff.

I had a friend sell his whole collection and he said it was liberating and has never looked back, and another who did the same who has basically spent the last 3 years trying to buy them all back.


Got about 7000 records, would accept 2k

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That low?!

Seems low. You could probably get a oner for your copy of Blind on its own. :wink:

I was seriously considering making an offer at that price but I only usually deal with 1000 at a time :woozy_face:


Have you used the ‘folders’ facility yet?

Once you have split between Albums, Sevens and Twelve inch singles it becomes more manageable.

As for percentage of Median figure for the lot? I don’t think it is going to be in the budget of many buyers to stump up that much cash. You are going have a median in the 10k-50k mark?

Create a ‘sell’ folder or a ‘Love’ folder ? Can you trim it down to killer selection or is it already a timeless collection of classics?

Please get some advise from a few buyers (yes I have been ripped off royally in the past although the value of Italian Oversky and Palmeres has increased somewhat, I was still shafted)

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In answer to your question 15k Stirling and yes I would start buying records again, once I had spent the 15k on bills and underpants.


Unless anyone have an exceptional collection of chosen rares i’d say that selling the whole collection to a dealer or shop would be perhaps 25-40% of the lowest discogs value. I don’t know how it is in other countries but you generally don’ t get anywhere near those amounts that shows on discogs in the shops here. Selling in demand semi-rares between 50-200 pounds is fairly easy. When it’s over 500 my experience is that it’s not that easy. Same with standard but musically good stuff that sells for under 20 if you’re selling bulk. A few records to friends sure but when it’s thousands it’s quite hard.


Agreed, although I always work on a dealer paying 35% of the Discogs median value.

I’d happily flog mine for £4-£5k if anyone is interested.

Can’t sell mine now I’ve had proper shelves made!


not so in to cash but i’ll trade it straight across for this

I give the cheap ones to charity. If something is worth more than a tenner and I don’t need it, I might sell it. I have a bunch like that but it’s a bit of a hassle, packaging and going to the post office.

I know I’m not ready to sell because my first thought was “I wonder how much it would cost to ship to the US”.

BeestonBi - Me and a mate will be interested in buying your collection?

That’s not bad, I’ll wave to you from my PNW bolt hole

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Seriously? Will have a think! X

Yes - seriously- sent you a private message via the messaging feature on here

I’d probably let mine go for a decent lemon mousse recipe and a go on the swivelly chair

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