'Hope' after Covid, what do you think will happen?

I’ve done a few of those gigs here, at a bar with a serious soundsystem (Klipschorns, Isonoe mixer, the works) after they were reallowed to open but with strict rules (seating being one of them). It’s fucking horrible. Everyone wants to dance, and they can’t. That’s not back to normal IMO.

Seen pics of proper parties in Australia, but I don’t think that’s representative yet of the full level of freedom we’ll have after everyone is more or less immune, or at least not likely to get very sick.

In any case there are very real and bad financial repercussions that shape scenes today whether we remember the events in 100 years or not.

The recent popularity of outdoor street food venues combined with a sound system and dancing will definitely become more widespread. They were usually only open in the summer but can see them being available all year round.


Yes, I agree on this. Food has got so much better in the UK in the last ten or so years, there was always good food to be had but I think it’s easier to access and cheaper. I also think though that it’s had a detrimental impact on going out. Filling your belly, drinking good beer and sitting with your mates is easier on the job performance and pocket instead of rolling out of somewhere at 6am in the morning.

One of the most popular place in Birmingham at the weekends is a street food area, DJs provide the ambience and soundtrack. Previously it was a club space and now it’s a food place with music on relatively quiet.

This is the way I see it for the next few years. Music not to loud or bangin, family’s out, dad dancing, granny and grandad asking what’s this what’s that? Don’t we get a fork, raw fish ect. 10pm or 11pm places close…no groups of pissed lad and lasses…

w/o wanting to get too conspiracy about it all, it suits councils and neighbours to pen music people into daytime things and the less dancing/noise the better. perhaps not as crude as new york’s notorious cabaret law… but is the impact that different?

So what do you think of the roadmap? If all ok clubs will open the end of June…

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After all this year it is extremely difficult for me to think about people dancing in clubs by July.

I think the term ‘road map’ is a load of Tory bollocks, if they said they had a ‘plan’ that would be too true and it’s not a hill they ever want to die on.


Hum i think that there will be a lot of broke clubs/bars/venues. I am not sure if the cultural sector really gets the help it needs. But people will party again when the lockdown is over. Already last summer it was possible at some places.

Here in Switzerland the Clubs (up to 100-300 ppl, depending on the region) opened last June and stayed open till the end of October. I remember the first Party was very surreal and afterwards the ambience depended on the venue. The max limit of guest was the only regulation, except that in the beginning the clubs had to close down at 12. There were no masks or anything else.

In France there were a lot of openair raves last summer. Gatherings up to 5k were legal, and in Paris there were like 2-3 events like this one every weekend: Possession Techno Open air 2020 - Sunshine (01.08.2020) - YouTube.
The free party culture became quite powerful as you can see during the demonstration against a new law last month: Rave party géante place de la République - marche des libertés (Paris 30/01/2021) - YouTube

I don’t really see why this shouldn’t be possible again in 2-3 months as it seems that the worst is now behind us. There will always be raves partys and raves, because there is a huge demand. But maybe there will be new organisers, because the old ones might be broke…

But for sure nobody knows the future. If we are unlucky there is another wave. But thanks to the vaccination and the other immunes.I belife there is hope, that the end of the measures in near.

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I really hope Daft Punk don’t reappear as The Martinez Brothers…


Going by the state of borough market at the weekend I think people will get back to normal pretty bloody quickly.


I was hoping for a reboot of the global, free market economy. Sadly, I am once again disappointed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’ve been staying home pretty much the entire past two months - I got made redundant and I have no need to be out, and when you’ve been told to stay at home and be safe with the rest of Scotland, it’s hard to justify anything other than trips to the shop for milk and bread.

I went to the park for a socially distanced coffee on Friday and it was ridiculous. I don’t think things will go back to normal - because people are already acting like it’s over and things can be normal already. And this weekend they announced cases in Scotland are increasing, it’s despairing.


I still think it’s a load of cods wollop…I don’t mind staying in Ireland for a few years if that’s what it takes, I won’t be getting any vax or Passport to dance in another country :roll_eyes: I think the party’s in your own town will be like the good old days

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We are back to business as usual with a few precautions here in Sydney - still with some distancing, but mask free and concerts, bars and movies etc back to near capacity. I’m not holding my breath that it will last however.

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People saying I have friends I haven’t seen in a year, I met two good friends yesterday that I haven’t seen in 6 years who live in Dublin and were down visiting their parents and as we live on the coast they can both work from home and their kids aren’t back in school yet we have a great few days planned it’s like a holiday for them to get out of Dublin and the weather is pretty good for next couple of days…