Hi-fi system recommendations

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I live in a 75 sqm apartment with girlfriend and two small kids. I haven’t bothered much with our music setup for a couple of years but now I feel like it’s the right time to get something better in place.

Because we’re living in an apartment and with young kids we will not be playing at any extreme volumes or anything. At first mostly vinyl and streaming but would like to maybe add a tape and cd deck in the future.

I’ve been eyeing the Rega System 1 but would have to add something to sort out the streaming then. What do you guys think? Yes, no or are there any better setups for roughly the same amount that you would rather suggest?

Any help much much appreciated!

That Rega package looks pretty decent to me. You can obvs just plug a phone/ipad into the line socket to stream digital too.

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Thanks, yes I know but it’s just so convenient to be able to play from your phone without having it plugged in that I rather add a streamer of some sort.

The thing that made me get rid of my fancy turntable was you couldn’t easily switch between 33 & 45 if playing singles. Might not be an issue for you but worth checking out.

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Can’t fault that package for the price either. Have a look at Ifi Air Zen Blue or Zen Blue 2 for a Bluetooth receiver. Haven’t used them myself but have used their DACs and amps which were good.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback.

I got the Cambridge Audio cxn V2 a couple of years ago and absolutely love it.

I’m not using it to anywhere near its full capabilities yet. Use it for streaming SoundCloud, mixcloud and Spotify etc and internet radio.

I need to rip my cd collection to NAS but my IT skills are on a par with a pissed up chimp.