Help me with my Balaeric kids music playlist

With two kids in lockdown in Australia last year we had a lots of pre-school music playing in the background.

Every now and then I would hear something that I would be happy to listen to by the pool.

So I dug a little deeper into Spotify and back into some of the albums from 80s childhood and put together this playlist.

I am keen for more suggestions.

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This was in my daughter’s 5th Birthday party playlist. Nearly 10 years ago now but still gets played.

This is nice too.


Always a favourite.


You’re welcome :wink:

This is a current favourite with my two kids. It even has a pool in the video, although I’m sure yours is nicer!

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Im guessing Benji was a kids movie so:

From a Japanese Kids album:

And another from a Japanese kids album, I think this song is about ghosts:

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Mate of mine did a great edit of this last year Oddball Edits 002 | Dan Wainwright | Oddball Records (

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yes nice that, brings it later in the dance. :+1:

There’s a great Light in the Attic comp of kids stuff, some of the songs are on Spotify


There’s also this, which fits the brief…

Try some of this

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Also my daughter just adored this one when she was little

People used to buy this for the drumbreak on the outro (that was sampled by Coldcut on their Paid In Full remix) but I dig the whole track:

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