Formula 1 Racing

anyone into it? any predictions for 2021?


Been watching since James Hunt days, love Lewis, hope he gets another and silences the haters for good, actually the haters will still hate but you know.

Somewhat conflicted these days how blatant the money aspect is and the lack of morality going to Countries for the moolah that should be blacklisted.
Totally totally amazing how Lewis got them on the BLM tip, totally shite how a few drivers refused to take the knee. Hopefully Stefano will sort them out, seems like a good guy.

Used to love Interlagos being the last race, until Bahrain paid for it…

Money talks… Money talks… Dirty Cash… :notes: :musical_note: :notes:

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I am a big fan, but lately it’s been boring the hell out of me. I’m sad 2021 won’t see the changes that it should have seen, so I think Lewis will run off with the championship again, and while it’s very impressive I don’t think it makes for all that interesting a viewing.

Also I’m a Ferrari fan so times have been hard hahahah

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My condolences :joy: :rofl:

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thanks just joined!

i’m a fan of lewis all around so can’t say i don’t love seeing him win. although i do wish it were slightly less predictable from weekend to weekend.

i think new driver lineups and mclaren with the merc engine should be enough to make 2021 exciting enough for me, more than last year which was more or less a repeat of 2019’s standings.

looking forward to see how mclaren perform with the merc engine and whether ferrari can improve from last season. i’m not a ferrari fan at all but i do like both sainz and leclerc so i’d like to see them get some podiums.

also it’s interesting how many veteran drivers are joining new teams this year with what seems like a genuine belief that they have a shot at a championship when that’s clearly not going to happen. i’m thinking of vettel, alonso and ricciardo.

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At least it makes the grid interesting. Some egos are too big for their cockpits but that never made a bad season.

I’m looking forward to see the younger generation develop further. Leclerc, Gasly, Russell, and a few others. Oh and I’m reeeaaaaaaaally hoping to see Verstappen whine and whine and whine and get nowhere. I hate the little shit.

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lol. same. as long as verstappen’s kept out of a mercedes i’m happy :rofl:

and yeah george’s stint in lewis’ car last year was definitely the most thrilling moment of the entire season for me. what a rollercoaster…

Elliot Eastwick was a top Formula 1 driver for over 20 years.

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