Fife, St Andrew’s tips

I’m off to St. andrews with some mates on Weds for a few days. It’s been postponed for two years and I’m in charge of sorting out the fun part of the trip as opposed to the golf bit, which i’m not too bothered about.
Any suggestions for parties/pubs/etc etc? Hoping to find something off the beaten track. Also hoping to get to Futtle organic in Neuk for beer and records. Other than that I’m clueless👍

I’m currently convalescing in the lovely Lower Largo for a few days. Usually head up this way once a year with family to chill out by the sea. It’s more beach walks, sea swimming than nights out/shopping, so not sure how helpful this will be.

I highly recommend doing the coastal walk stopping off for a nice pint at pubs along the way.
Elie, St Monan’s, Anstruther is good.

Anstruther is good for food with the Waterfront Chippy for something quick or The Cellar for the fancier end with top notch dining.

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St Andrews is a lovely wee place, decent enough for a night out but not really party central from my experience. Weird mix of posh students, golf tourists and locals makes for an interesting dynamic.

Criterion Bar on South street decent for a pint and plenty of nice enough boozers nearby. Only club I can recall is the Vic which was largely a young student crowd playing crap music. Foodwise we usually go to The Steak Barn which is just out of town or Forgan’s on Market Street. Loads of other restaurant options on South Street.

If you’re looking for a livelier night out Dundee is about 25 minutes away and worth an excursion. The best club option would be Kings which is run by the guy who used to run The Reading Rooms. Thirteen Records and Le Freak Records worth a dig if you’re in Dundee during the day. Pubwise I would recommend DCA, Dynamo, and pubs on the Perth Road. Cartocon decent for clobber.

Futtle down by St. Monans definitely worth a visit for beer and vinyl. Crail, Pitenweem, St. Monans and Elie all lovely little East Neuk villages but not a huge selection of pub or restaurant options. Ship Inn in Elie good for food. Outdoor tidal pools at Pittenweem and St. Monans are cool if you’re feeling brave at this time of year. I’ve not tried the one at St. Andrews.

Lovely part of the country - enjoy.


Thanks a lot. Very similar tips that Stephen from Futtle gave. Sounds lovely. :+1:

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Thanks so much! Will definitely check out the Steak Barn for a meal out one night. I’d love to get over to Dundee but i guess that depends on how dynamic the crew are feeling. Thanks again. :+1:

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Enjoy your trip :+1:

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