Favourite Test Pressing mix

So many, but a few that haven’t been mentioned:

The Ruf Dug Guadeloupe one

The whole incredible warm up series from Leo Mas

The Future tape from Nancy & Paul

When that Leo Mas series came out I had a job that required 3 hours total commute/day and I would just press play and drift away…bought so many records that I heard on those.


I think this is my most listened to mix (pt1 & 2) … just great, great fun from start to finish :heart:


You’re asking the wrong chap I’m afraid. I was a shy schoolboy in the Northern provinces in '88 :slight_smile:

Have all the Producers series. Ones that I listen to again and again is Francois K, Chris Blackwell, Paul Simpson and the one I’ve played loads of times through a P. A at sports events is I don’t like Acid mix by Trevor Fung, so good - mellow dance with some Acid and then that Acid version of Dreadlock Holiday, perfect for gently dropping the Acid to unsuspecting punters there for the day. Love the Joakim mixes, and so so many more great finds. Every time it’s like an education and no I haven’t been drinking


Every Nancy Noise mix for Test Pressing is all top notch. I think she played U2 long version of “New Years Day” in one of those, and it all made sense!


Ha, sorry, was an old running joke on DJH or Faith… think someone mentioned they played there one or two times too many. :laughing:

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