Favourite Red Zone remixes?

@eastupper - Saw you went
What was it like? I couldnt go as train strike on (plan was get 10pm train home)
& was he topless

New to me


We went. Heard him many many times b4 and this was one of the worst, so you didn’t miss anything. A few great moments but overall way too much pop - Whitney, Coldplay etc.

Terry ran a little ‘what would you like to hear’ post prior on FB and none of it got played.
I know that he & Stu had a word in soundcheck to give him some pointers, but he didn’t follow their advice - perhaps it was the glam of the venue.

Its a sad reflection on the lack of quality agents imo, as he should have been told this was one of the very few gigs he wouldn’t have to do his pop set.

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Sounded v good on one of the recent Lowlife sets

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The dubs on that one are some of my faves.
Sadly only ever on a dreadful dull pressing.

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Hello. Just stumbled on this board. Some great tracks here. I can fill some gaps. I have a lot of amazing Morales dubs. I don’t care much for his vocally house stuff, the dubs always did it for me.

Here is a really good promo only Red Zone mix of Alison Limerick from 1992. Not available digitally just vinyl.


There was a fantastic DJ called Stuart Douglas from Eastern Bloc in Manchester who would play slow all night, never faster than 120bpm, like a metronome! at the Faversham in Leeds. He had two copies of this short Morales dub of Madonna that was only available on the doublepack US Promo. He would loop the beginning and the middle… I’ve got a nice clean WAV from digital source of this now must try and do an edit to extend

Momo’s Fantasy:


@Mucky_Sandra - Did you go to Morales at the Faversham ( when it still a pub with late licence)

My girlfiriend st the time did as at college in Leeds

I think he played there as a good cask pull of Tetley ale with clean pipes

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Hello mate no I didn’t but I heard about it from Stuart. Was that the same gig that was moved from Morales supposed to be playing Corn Exchange? but for some reason they put him on and merged with Danny Tenaglia who was already booked at Faversham and Danny not happy to be on same bill as major drama between those two, ever since Morales took Larry Levans job which was seen as disrecpectful around 1986 towards the end of the Paradise Garage when Levan was was using drugs heavily.

I heard Stuart Douglas play there lots of times. The sound system was good I believe it cost 100k back in early/mid 90’s? Actually it was only recently that I heard Morales DJ after all these years a friend wanted me to go to Hacienda thing in Leeds last month he was pretty good although 2 hour set too short and played a bit too many vocally stuff but was best I saw there along with Tom Wainwright (who also played lots of good Morales stuff back in the 90’s in the Hacienda.)
After spending 8 hours at that Hacienda thing I never want to hear another classic house record played straight again, too much drowning in nostalgia! …I’d rather save up fly to Montreal and hear Tenaglia spin a 17 hour set at Stereo one of only places left that allows long sets/late licence.

did you go?

Brand new Red Zone mix. Comes with an instrumental