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I thought it might be an idea to compile a list of people who are up for swapping stuff on Discogs. There must be a few of us on here who use it to sell. I’m not posting this as an advert for flogging records, but purely for swaps.

My store is here: Blackcircledigger I’d be happy to trade anything I have for sale. I’m always looking for new and interesting stuff that I’ve not come across, particularly; ambient, Berlin school, the jazzier end of prog, balearic bits, cosmic jazz, outsider pop etc…

Admins, feel free to delete if this breaks any type of policy…

No it’s all good. Let’s run with it. Me and Piers might have to monitor as goods are changing hands which may in turn make us responsible but should be all good.

It’s like a records version of Swap Shop (some of you might be a bit young for that ref).

Cool, I’m sure that everyone on here would be trustworthy, I would certainly be prepared to swap back if the other party was unhappy.

If needed I was thinking something like this for the first swap; agree the swap on here, turn offers on on Discogs for the items, make an order for a token amount, 1p per record say, and charge cost for postage. Both sides pay once the orders have been agreed and placed. That way Discogs would still be the arbitrator if there are any disagreements. I think that could work.


Just bought a couple of bits off you - I run Sound Records down in Stroud so you should pop down post lockdown!

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Let’s trade!

Get your records here

Nice! They’ll be in the post around lunchtime. I’ll be down definitely after lockdown, I’m suffering major withdrawal symptoms!

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Great! I’ve messaged you…