Discogs post Brexit

New here, thanks for having me.

How are UK buyers getting on with purchases from Europe post Brexit? I’ve seen a few bits I fancy but been reluctant to take the plunge on buying from EU sellers, How are people getting on re postage / customs related stuff? Depressing to see how many EU sellers have products greyed out as unavailable for UK buyers…as far as I can tell sellers are having to bear additional costs… what have you experienced so far, good / bad when buying? Be good to get some first hand info.


I’ve had no problems. As long as you’re happy to wait 3-4 weeks for something to arrive. Still cheaper than UK sellers, even with slightly more postage.

Id guess this has nothing to do with Brexit but is became the seller has not completed the over complicated Discogs shipping policy.

Ive sold a few bits to Europe recently, I’ve marked the package as a gift and had a few buyers mention to me that they didnt have to pay any tax.

I haven’t bought anything from Europe recently though.

it’s really depressing now.

Has been pretty positive so far. Just takes longer for it to arrive.

For EU purchases I tend to look at buying things from Germany if possible.

Postage is usually reasonable and (no surprise) it seems to be pretty slick with delivery times.

Other EU postage costs seem to be much more expensive recently.