Culture Trip & Hamon Radio present Satoshi & Makoto this Thurs ( stream) / 10AM

Culture Trip returns this Thursday on Music Box Radio UK with the Hamon Radio monthly residence with very special guests Satoshi & Makoto
10am to Noon on Music Box Radio UK

Some words from our lovely friend Maa (Hamon Radio)
‘Satoshi & Makoto is an artist who I started to make fan contact with them and continue to interact with them by showing them live sets on Hamon Radio. The tones they create are somewhat melancholy, and sometimes pop, which always entertains me. They made a mix for Hamon Radio. What’s more, there are some unreleased songs! Don’t miss this!’

listen/ watch here

Satoshi & Makoto


today 10am listen here
10am to 11 Satoshi & Makoto
11 to noon Neil Thornton

mix now uploaded Satoshi & Makoto guest mix