Classic Daytime / Sunday Sessions

Not sure if this had been covered elsewhere, but I’d like to celebrate the classic daytime and Sunday sessions that we’ve loved and lost ourselves in.

My personal list includes the Sheffield based ‘Wax Lyrical’ sessions in the late 90s. Sundays at The Social (Arlington Square) in Islington and weekends day (and night) at the original Hoxton Griffin with Weatherall playing blue grass and rockerbilly.


I miss being able to go the pub and seeing Weatherall just playing amazing records.

Mison did a load of these nice daytime sessions over the years. I forget what they were called though.


There was a great day session just before lockdown, 30 seconds from my front door, at Arch Rivals in E7. A normally sleepy street in the further reaches of East London chugged to the sounds of Phil Mison, Conrad Idjut, Mudd and Jan Hammered. I didn’t know anyone there, but vibes and music were perfect - I found a little corner and skanked away.

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Steve Terry & Phil’s afternoon sessions? Think they were just called “afternoon sessions”. They were great. First time I heard Mark Seven play.


The Social (Arlington Square) was great on a Sunday :yellow_heart:

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I miss Body & Soul in a big way.


The Belvedere. Way back in the day.

There also used to be a Sunday session at Busby’s under the Astoria. The name escapes me.

This has already been mentioned, but from ’96 through the early ’00s (minus a break during 9/11), here in New York we were lucky enough to be treated to Krivit, Kervorkian and Claussell every Sunday at Body & Soul — for much of that time based in the hallowed halls of 6 Hubert St, the onetime home of Area, Shelter, etc. Nowadays, at least pre-pandemic and hopefully post-pandemic too, we have Krivit’s 718 Sessions. Ah, I miss parties.


Lazy Dog at the Notting Hill Arts Club with Ben Watt and Jay Hannan used to be great. They played House you didn’t really hear too much of elsewhere at the time, and the dance floor was always packed right from the start, probably partly because of the relief you felt after finally getting in after queuing for an age.

Ben used to play a load of his own remixes, which all pretty much followed the same formula, but sounded amazing at the time in that little basement.

Sundaysonic down there was ace too.

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