Celebrating John Robinson

I really love John Robinson’s productions, not to mention his sets for NYC radio from back in the 1980’s and 90’s, so I figured I’d start a thread here to highlight some tracks by this underrated master.

As a bonus, most are cheap as chips. Go figure.

(first heard this on a Raphael Top Secret mix from 2015, lotta people after this ID, still…)

From the same album as above

(beat sounds veeeery similar to a big Peggy Gou track from a few years ago…)


For his mixes, look up WBLS 107.5 Midday mix

Family Prayer definitely one of my top ten from that period, at the right time of the night could elicit religious experiences to the crowd if you know what I mean. Great tune.


Never heard of him. The joys of this forum just keep on giving and giving.