Bridge Tracks

OK this might be super niche but I thought it would be interesting to share some records that work for switching up the energy in the room. I call them bridge tracks. For example if your playing all night or a long warm up set, and need to go from chilled to more vibey when the lights start to dim and the dancefloor heats up - what are the records that intensify the mood for you?

This is aways a go to for me


great thread idea!

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This is a great one for getting people moving. It’s a lovely groove and so long that resistance is futile :joy:


Great thread idea @Joe and I’m looking forward to hearing what people post.

Some ideas from me:

SIRS/Wicked. Deceptively simple but deadly beats, adding more as it builds, by the end it’s time for a big tune.

Sly Mongoose/Bad Pulse (Padded Cell Remix). Only heard this from an early recommendation on this forum. It seems to have so much more energy than tunes with a similar bpm.

Groove Committee/Dirty Games (Dubb Mix). I know this is a big tune anyway but this version starts with an acapella, drums and then at about 2m 6s in, the bassline drops in a way which always just says to me: the party has started. Killer.


This was always in my bag for changing things up. Good for upping the tempo or bringing it down a touch.


Great post :slight_smile:

Ditto with this, long and builds and builds…


An oldie but a goldie


records that speed up or slow down or do both make life a bit easier for those who want to get up, get down, what have you.

this one’s a bit of a banger but back in the day i found it incredibly effective at stepping out of 125 bangin’ house to 95 downtempo (or, start halfway through it to get from boom bap hip hop grooves up to ramming speed).

i doubt i’d play it now but back in the early 90s it was a handy tool to have about.


bumping: great thread idea

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Victor S such a great producer, Dirty Games still bangs in my book.

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Great thread.

This is good to inject some energy, a bit of a builder. No YouTube vid

Another oldie


Excellent choice

Bella Boo - The Hours

Great subtle change that lights it up.

Cheers. New one on me. €1 well spent on Bandcamp!


Axel Boman - Copacabana dub

Worked a treat tonight.

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This worked a treat for me on Friday night


king britt (total hero) actually tweeted something somewhat related to this thread - enough to make me wonder if he was lurking around here. there’s a bit of gold in this thread: