Being a parent can be a weird experience

I have three kids; 9, 6 and 3. Shut down the factory a few years ago so this is my lot but this morning I was woken up by my wife who said she walked in on my son, well, measuring himself. She asked me to go talk to him which is not the first thing I wanted to do but during the “lock your door and wash your hands” chat I realized how unprepared I was for the questions that followed. You ever feel like you’re hoping for the best as your parenting style?


I have 2 boys who have both left home in the last couple of years, so yes, I can defo relate to this :smiley:

I’m often amazed that I have 2 happy, well rounded young chaps because it was certainly a case of winging it - I was 23 when the youngest was born. Although, in a way I think it made some of these more delicate moments easier.


mini she ape is 11, I’ve often thought about how I could plan for all number of awkward questions and scenarios but… one never can lol. rolling with punches and common sense have kept me afloat thus far.

best of questions so far, all said with genuine curiosity

dad what’s a 3some? can bisexuals have 3somes?

dad if you smell like poo do you want me to tell you?

dad how do you clean your penis in the shower, and does it hurt?