Bandcamp Sites

Going to start a list of Bandcamp sites worth supporting, these are a mixed bag of label and artists producing music and releases I personally enjoy… I have loads more to add but wanted to gets the ball rolling…

AnalogAfrica [Label]
Fire Cracker Recordings [Label]
Africa Music Corp [Label]
Gold Suite [Artist]
NuNorthern Soul [Label] << Shameless self plug
Mule Musiq [Label]
Super Cassettes Indonesia [Label]
Begin [Artist]
Torn Sail [Artist]
Blair French [Artist]


As an aside shall we try and keep a lid on the shameless self promotion and be modest folk that just go about our business. Or maybe we need a space where people can plug their stuff. I’ll start one.


Some very nice odds and sods on this label also
Macroblank [Label]

Got to love Begin :heartpulse:


Yes indeed, not only a great DJ and producer but a wonderful human through and through…


Begin it’s so beautiful!


With the ever increasing deluge of emails from Bandcamp I set up an inbox mail filter so all Bandcamp mails go to one place and I can dip in and out when I need and not miss anything I might actually like… Its made my life a little sweeter hahahahaha #NerdAlert