Balearic Beers / meet-up

Anyone interested down south (or across London) getting together now the pubs are open and enjoying some pub garden, like-minded chat on all things TP and Balearic?
I’m based in Wimbledon and interested in meeting some balearic veterans who enjoy the rosey tinted chats about the Cafe, old Amnesia days and lost heroes (weathers, Jose etc) - I’d love to hear your stories.
If anyone fancies meeting up and having a pint/vino et al, let me know!


Nice idea, sounds grand. I’m over in East London but happy to make the journey to wherever…

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Nice one. Yes anywhere really. I’m just being lazy ha :slight_smile:

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The Blythe hill tavern near Catford got mentioned a while ago on one of the threads…

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I reckon the ‘social’ is a good shout. Central and ticks all the boxes. I’ve not been over there for a while. Last time saw Dean Thatcher doing his thing - was a decent night for the oap types like me hah.

Shame this is closed - would have been a good meet point

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New year, new opportunity to meet up?

@shake I’ll even come South.

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Hah. It’s not that bad is it ? Yeh, it is a bit lame :joy: ! Good idea. Not many Balearic heads in wimbledon so maybe somewhere else !

No, that South London has some lovely ‘bits’.

I guess we could always do Central. Whatever the conclusion I’m happy to travel for alcohol and Balearic chatter.