A couple of rave nostalgia bits

hi everyone –

i m not big on the self promotion really and I initially came here to post this amazing link to some of the best pictures I have seen of the 'hardly ever caught on camera ’ early UK rave scene around 90 - 92 mainly i think ( that is some of the best pics here ) - there seems to be some great pictures of Castlemoreton , Labrynth and a few other great looking parties - I was at Castlemoreton and fairly regular at Labyrnth so was great to see these little visual trips back in time - I grew up in the Aldershot area where this photographer Sam is from too ( Camberley i believe ) and so i recognise quite a few faces - including the Shy Boyz , DJ MoveYa and Sweat Sound System who were local DJ heroes at the time - also spot EasyGroove , JJ Frost ,Fabio , Colin Favor and loads more … dig in its a real treat . ( the best bits seem to come from a book called Happydaze by Sam herself )


then i thought - well I should really also post a link to a little book I did recently with Klasse Wrecks – Dance 91 - KFAX8 - which is basically 100 odd flyers picked from a 500 strong selection of flyers I collected in and around London and the South West of UK raves from 90 to 94ish --this was something I d been meaning to look at for a while and when lock down came it was the perfect opportunity to sort it all out --so I teamed up with Luca Lozano who helped with the design - and really happy with the results - hope you like it



I liked your book @Ttoby I went to a few of those nights and like many of us of a certain age that’s basically what my bedroom wall was plastered with. Good memories.

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Good luck with book, have you heard of ROAR podcast, they might be interested in interviewing you.

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@elzorro thanks - yes its amazing the amount of nice messages and amount of people who have had these sitting gathering dust in there lofts - makes up for the lack of photos in existence

@BeestonBi thank you - I’ve heard the Fabio n Groove interview on Roar - i think its more DJs m MCs from the era isn’t it? - some cool stuff there

Think they had a guy on who took photos at Metalheadz and was author, Eddie Otchere Metalheadz — eddie OTCHERE

Was interesting when he spoke about the process of taking photos in clubs

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Some great shots there
Jesus the Ford Fiesta was a great rave mobile😀
Best of luck with the book.

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Great job, and a wonderful document of some mad times :slightly_smiling_face:

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Haha had the very same conversation re ford fiesta the other day

Mine was a vw polo /then a citroen visa

I like this pic,
Love the Chipie top.

Here’s one of me in full rave mode. Loads of ravemobiles in the background…:rofl:


When would this have been?

This would’ve been '93, I think.

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Cool pic mate x

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Great pic…so evocative of that time!

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Chipie, I had a few of them too. I also bought some Chipie jeans in about 1990, to this day its probably still the most expensive pair I’ve ever bought! Back when I used to have disposable income.